[Emotional Readymades] Seductive Wine Glass


It’s the second readymades in my movie series. I got the idea from movie “The Graduate.” In the movie the attractive old woman tries to seduce a young man who just graduated from university. With the raising of wine level, the seducing lines becomes more seductive. In the end the vibration of the wine implies they finally sleep together.

To be able to measure the water level and to hide the sensor I first tested with photocell, but the lighting condition is very hard to control and the data reading is very unstable. So I switched to force sensor. Although it’s still hard to get really accurate measure, it’s way more better than photocell.


And for the Max MSP part I use split function to determine in what range which song will be triggered.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.02.10 AM

Below is the final setup with ambient light. I think I successfully hide the sensors and wires. But the vibration in the end is not that obvious as I thought, maybe turning off the light will be another option.


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