A Seductive Wine Glass

I was inspired by my first project scream that I decided to create more interactive pieces which reinterpret famous scenes from classic movies. By interacting with these readymades, they’re actually experiencing a classic movie through a new way of storytelling. 

This time I want to recreate the film “The Graduate.”  In the film a women is trying to seduce a young man by using so many irrational excuses. The bourbon wine is the starting point of all this. So I got my idea to use a wine glass to tell you how it happened.


My plan is to play with different seductive lines and vibration based on different water level. I’ll test with photocell or pressure sensor to get the different data indicating the liquid level and to see which one is more accurate. The lines the woman uses in the movie has a perfect dramatic effect, so I jotted down all the dialogs in the original order. With the increasing of liquor inside (the user will be interacting with it by pouring wine inside), the line will get more seductive. The emotion I want to catch in this project is a young man’s confusion, curiosity and anxiety toward his future, relationship and everybody’s expectation after he graduated.


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