[Audio Readymades] SCREAM

This is the knife rack that screams when users pull out the knife. Me and Yifan found the interesting connection between knife and screaming which is a perfect match for audio readymades.


We were browsing in the junk shop looking for inspiration then this idea came to us – Turning this vintage knife rack into a screaming machine. We edited the soundtracks from shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and the door breaking scene from The Shining which all contain dramatic screaming sound effect.



We use magnetic contact switch (door sensor) to detect if the knifes are on the rack. When users pull out the knife, the sound will be triggered.



We use serial communication to pass the data from arduino to Max MSP in order to play the sound.


So here it is! And here’s a demo video to show how it works.

My Next Step:

I was inspired by this project that I decided to create more interactive pieces which reinterpret famous scenes from classic movies. 

It’ll be a series of objects which allow participants to interact with. By interacting with these readymades (including sound/visual), they’re actually experiencing a classic movie through a new way of storytelling which is a human-scale and face-to-face interaction. 

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