What inspired me to choose this thesis topic

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It all starts from a photo about a four-year-old girl from Syria. She surrendered to the camera because she mistook it for a gun. It has been on my iPhone lock screen since the first time I saw it. I felt sad that I can do nothing but watching this happen. It was how I started to keep an eye on refugee’s issue. In order to understand more, I went to cowbird to search more refugee’s stories. Then in late 2015, the massive crowds of refugees and migrants from Syria and elsewhere who’s suffering from wars in their countries flooded Europe. Somehow it proves that It’s a problem that we can no longer despise.

I’m always interested in collaborating storytelling in my work since I’m really into stories happened in the hidden corners. Somehow I feel it’s our mission as a storyteller, there’re always stories needed to be told. My inspiration come a lot from films and some humanities websites like Humans of New York and Cowbird which is crowdsourcing library of human life. They are just like my personal bible for thought, reading them has became my daily routine.

That’s how this idea came to my mind. To tell a story about refugees, also to let people know and listen to their voice. So here I am.

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