[Social Clinic] Face-ray

Social Clinic – Face Ray Demo 1 from AVA I-WEN HUANG on Vimeo.

Social Clinic – Face Ray is a face detection photobooth installation, which finds out your potential social symptoms and gives you prescription in real-time.

Presented by Chang Liu/ Oryan Inbar/ Ava Huang.


We live in a world that is full of different types of communications. The need for social skills increases as conversation and technology rapidly evolves around us and influences our behavior.

Social Clinic uses face recognition, emotion detection technique to discover people’s potential social symptoms and provide them some conversation prompts which can engage people in the show.


1. The face-recognition part:

We used clmtrackr and webcam.js to make the webpage. First we printed the emotion score based on the coordinate positions of the face.

螢幕快照 2015-04-18 上午10.27.44


Then we created the webpage to make it like a professional clinic.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.01.36 PMWhen they hit “Submit picture examination”, it takes screenshot, saves the score and then send to arduino (which is controlling the printer.)


Here’s an online demo of our face-ray (but doesn’t have the printer function for sure.)

2. The printer part:


We put a lot of effort in connecting different devices. Like how to send the data stored in javascript to arduino. And how to print to user input in the html form. We provide different prompts for different social symptoms. We have three kinds of symptoms in total- Social-Awkwardness, Phubbing and Selfie-syndrome.

At first we put it randomly. In order to make sense of the prompts and symptom. We wrote if condition. (Based on the emotion score from javascript.)

Social-Awkwardness ———- Talk to a stranger in the space.

Phubbing ———————– Turn off your cellphone for 10 mins.

Selfie Syndrome ————— make a compliment to the person next to you.

IMG_9185Our printer and the enclosure. (the logo will be on soon)

User Testing:

IMG_8965  IMG_9208

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